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Defining a Love Story Through a lens - A Pre Wedding Shoot in Big Apple

Do you believe people brought together by a common language and fate , an instant connection and understanding, that has only strengthened with time?

Meet - Amit and Bhavika

I captured this beautiful couple meandering through the big apple blatantly ignoring millions of people and indulging in heartfelt embraces and stolen kisses celebrating their togetherness.

Each couple has an individual story to tell and each pre-wedding picture is your moment to do so. As a photographer i focus on recreating happy, unique and sometimes funny moments which portrays a story of relationship which follows the journey of love, precious moments shared together, all the way to the engagement and the expected wedding.

Pre wedding is the best way to illustrate the love story in the mot emotional way, and since it has various ways to represent the true love story.With the invitation of this lovely couple I travelled to New York , where their love story was nourished and developed.

In order to better capture the beautiful view of this beautiful and romantic city, I picked up very specific locations in downtown manhattan to justify this shoot in a broader perspective.

The story of how this couple met is indeed quite interesting. They both went to the same school and university, but they didn't really know each other until their final year. unless they both opted for a same class sharing session.They started talking and in only six months, love finally found its way to this lovely couple.

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