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Storytelling through a wedding by Deep Sanan, New Jersey Wedding Photographer.

When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence. I truly believe in this saying .

I have to say, this is one of the hardest blog posts I’ve ever put together. After spending a week with this super chill and fun couple couple going through all of the pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding festivities involved in a Sikh wedding in new jersey.


I shot this wedding with my brother "DeepManan " who is a fabulous cinematographer and I’m so excited to share some event pictures here.

As soon as we started working with this gorgeous couple and got along though a pre wedding shoot we figured out their comfort zone, as they shared lot of details on how they want their big day to be captured.

The mindset of this couple in terms of photography was completely in alignment with my style of photography , which made me very comfortable and exited to give my best .I would love to share some moments from an engagement shoot.We did this shoot in manhattan New York and t was a great fun shooting in crowded streets of new York .




Every wedding is unique, and in some respect a Sikh wedding is more because it is performed in such a traditional manner, with subtly different rituals and ceremonies between families.Given the unique manner in which Sikh weddings are performed, it is important to choose the right photographers for it. This means that the photographers covering the wedding should know the do’s and don’ts during the day.

Since the primary ritual in a Sikh wedding is performed inside a Gurdwara ( Sikh Temple) , the photographers need to follow the proper mannerisms. This is absolutely necessary to maintain the sanctity of the place of worship of this community.

Being assertive is important for Sikh wedding photographers, it’s not uncommon for guests to walk into photographers or block access for the photographer, you just need to be prepared to shoot a lot, to get the pictures your need for the clients.

As a photographer when you walk through the door at a preparation address, it’s always really interesting to see what the atmosphere is like. I love it where there’s a palpable buzz and things are starting to happen.

The creative element in me loves it when couples get ready at home, as it gives the couple’s wedding day a bit of context. Where they came from, where they’re going and the wedding day as part of a whole, rather than a day that sits in isolation from normal life.


Anand Karaj

It is amazing that it took quite awhile for me to appreciate the significance of the Sikh marriage ceremony called the Anand Karaj. A non-Sikh once asked me the meaning of the Second Lavan and I had to conjure up my thoughts to give him an informative response. This never actually came about since we were in the midst of the usual hurry with the marriage ceremony. After some time, he mentioned that he knows it now and I presume he must have asked someone else who had the time to explain it to him with great devotion and pride. I was impressed by his eagerness to know and feel that this should be the case with others. The Anand Karaj is conducted in the presence of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and it is a sacred ceremony that binds a man and woman in a spiritual union; the spouse is a companion and life partner with whom to tread the divine path of Sikhi.


Some Memories after the cermony were also captured as a part of this new jersey royal sikh wedding at bridgewater , new jersey

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